Our commitment to social enterprises: Delivering Real Community Outcomes

What is social enterprise?

Social Enterprise uses the majority of its profits to fund social programs that benefit the public community and environment rather than shareholders and owners, reinvesting most of their profits for this purpose.

The three major Social Benefits

Social enterprises tend to deliver benefits in the following three ways:

  1. Building the skills and generating employment for the marginalised and under-employed people e.g. those with disabilities, First Nations, Gender Diversity
  2. Delivering products and Services to meet community needs not met by the market.
  3. Donating at least 50% of profits to Charity.
How does Bayland Finance fit into this?

Bayland is committed to providing financial support, time and lending advice to a range of social enterprises. These include:

Societal Outcome Solutions (SOS) – Social Procurement and Skills Training and employment for the marginalised

Kulbardi First Nations Office Supplies

Emotions – Social Enterprise provides toilet paper and related products.

Brunswick Industries – Disability Enterprise that provides Cleaning Products

Cultural Choice – Drinking Water

Goodtel – Telecommunications

Your Safety First – Indigenous worksite safety